Thursday, June 05, 2008

No Whining

I’m sick to death of all these people out there complaining about everything under the sun: politics, traffic, the weather, cars in bike lanes, bikes in car lanes, the price of gasoline, popular entertainment, the marketing practices of big pharmaceutical companies.

All day long, it’s blah-blah-blah about blah-blah-blah; everybody with two lips and tongue or a keyboard and fingers blathering on about their own little betes noirs: “Oh, things were so better when…” or “If only it were like this…” or “How come nobody ever does that…” or “When I’m in charge, it’s all going to be different and better because…”

But it’s all so much hot air; nothing of any substance ever emerges from all this brouhaha—especially on the internetz—and so all we get from all the complaints and complainers is more of the same.

Here, for example, is Rush Limbaugh or some other right-wing toady going on about Clinton or Obama or how attempts to stem human-induced global climate change are cutting into our God-given right to drive wherever we want whenever were want. And there, for example, is Ariana Huffington or some other left-leaning dilettante responding that if it weren’t for all the hot air spewed by windbags like Limbaugh et al., global warming wouldn’t be taking place nearly so quickly.

And then some sanctimonious douchebag with his own little pulpit on public access TV or the worldwide blogosphere goes on about how awful and depraved the current civic discourse has become and isn’t too bad we don’t all get together like we used to at Elks Clubs or in military service back when everyone was conscripted, which just goes to show you how our once-mighty country has slipped behind in the increasingly competitive global marketplace and it’s all because we don’t spend enough money on education, especially in math and science, unlike countries such as China and India.

And what comes of all this? Nada.

Which is why I never complain.


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