Sunday, April 08, 2012


Now here’s a day for you: softball practice at noon, a Resurrection bike race all afternoon, and fIREHOSE live in the evening!

My heart’s fit to burst at the fullness of it all.

I’ve signed up at least two other times for Go Means Go’s annual pre-Easter alleycat, but this is the first time I’ve finished. Not that the route was any less daunting this time around, it’s just that, with a teenaged child, preparations for Bunny-Day aren’t as involved as they were with a young’un and so Dad can find time to engage in some bicycle-related shenanigans rather than having to spend the whole day secreting eggs around the living room and other such festive activities.

I hit all the checkpoints in ample time and finished, I’m pretty sure, in the top of the bottom third, an accomplishment made slightly more impressive, I think, by the fact that I actually did go to a graveyard for my crayon-rubbing while others, I’m told, took more creative approaches that included using a fire hydrants or street signs for to fulfill that task.

And then, an occurrence I’ve often fantasized about but never thought I’d ever get to experience again: fIREHOSE live in concert! Watt, Hurley, edfromOhio together again on stage, ragin’ full on just like in the old days.

Plus it wasn’t some creepy nostalgia thing; they tore it up for real, getting down with the bass just like two decades ago, and even though Ed’s voice wasn’t the searing knife of sonic beauty it once was, the raw emotion still rode high above the greatest bass and drums rhythm section in any trio I’ve ever heard, anyway.

Even after two hours of softball and three hours of cycling, my feet lifted off the ground again and again; I saw Watt loading his gear after the show and he looked like an old man; me, too; I’m sure, but I sure felt full of 27 all over again.


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