Monday, March 19, 2012


I rode the route for Saturday’s 327 Words (I Can Ride) Speed Limit 55 Time Trial today and I’m pleased to say that it’s going to be suitably lovely, clever, and diabolical.

Serendipitously, streets with 55 in their names tend to be, in Seattle, ones that go up and down hills. Riders will have numerous opportunities to get their heartbeats going and to curse me under their breaths as they navigate the ascents and descents along the way.

And, having completed the route several times myself, I don’t have to take any guff from folks who don’t like climbing; I’ll even be able to say to (I’m pretty sure) everyone who rides that race that if an old guy like me can do it, then they surely can, too.

I’m looking forward to the event; it should be amusing for everyone involved. My only regret is that the song to which the race title refers was made famous by Sammy Hagar; why couldn’t it have been a “real” Van Halen song with Diamond Dave on vocals?

But, oh well, at least I’m not referencing something by Billy Ray Cyrus, although I do hope that people’s Achy Breaky Hearts make it through the course without actually breaking. says it’s supposed to be partly sunny on Saturday, which would be nice—and somewhat unprecedented: usually, on my race day, March is up to it’s “in like a lion” worst. Years past have featured snow, sleet, hail, and sideways-falling rain, although, to the credit of competitors, the elements have not prevented the show from going on.

I stopped at the Tangletown Pub (on 55th NE) to see if they had any beer that was 5.5% alcohol and, according to their menu, the Prometheus IPA is just that. Their online site, though, claims that it’s 6.7%, so maybe I read it wrong.

No matter, in any case; I can always just have riders consume 5.5 ounces to keep on theme.


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