Sunday, March 25, 2012


Fifty-two racers signed up and my friend with his two kids in tow appeared, ready to ride, after everyone else had left so I’m claiming that there were fifty-five contestants.

Plus, as it turns out, 55 degrees is the average temperature in Seattle on March 24th, so even Mother Nature—who treated us to the loveliest day of the year so far—was in on the festivities associated with the 327 Words (I Can Ride) Speed Limit 55 Time Trial which were festive indeed, even for those who didn’t avail themselves of the magic truffle option at Laurelhurst Park.

I remain in awe of the four dozen-plus hardy souls whose idea of a good time is to ride their bikes up and down 25 or so miles of unnecessary hills on a Saturday and offer my heartfelt gratitude to those incredibly generous folks (I’m talking to you Jon Grover, Deven Fatasian, and Lee Williams) willing to hang out in some random park or bar for a couple hours to make such nonsense possible.

Way too much thought went into the planning and preparation, but I think it paid off for the most part, and it especially warmed my heart to see all the cardboard double-nickels that people picked up at the corner of 55th and 55th in Windermere prompting one wag to ask me, as he turned in his manifest, “What birthday are you celebrating again?”

It should be hard to forget as I move into this year of my five and fiftieth just as my mind’s eye will long recall the site of one person after another cringing with a swallow of 55% alcohol absinthe before loping across the street and clamoring aboard the bike for the day’s two-wheeled adventure.

It doesn’t matter who “won,” although I’m utterly flabbergasted that anyone could finish in an hour and 36 minutes, but props where props are due, above all, to everyone who made it grand, that is, everyone.


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