Saturday, March 28, 2009

Race Report 09

Rob Johson, continuing his streak from last night’s midnight Greenlake Race, won the Vapolution Vaporizer (by 4 seconds1! ahead of Robin) and first girl went to Gretchin, (1’ and 40” before Kat) but the main thing that brings tears to my eyes is that all these people I know came out and did this entirely stupid thing just in the name of whatever, in the full realization, I have to believe, that life is meaningless but we have no option other than to live meaningfully, and nobody ended up hurting themselves any more than they wanted or needed to.

What humbles me is that Sylvie made it to the top of Magnolia (and that Rob waited for her) and that a number of people, including Andrew and Gib on the tandem, ascended Dravus, but even moreso, that nobody, really, let the weather stop them—and were rewarded by a reasonably perfect fucking day for being on the bike, shit.

I want to—and will!—express my gratitude to all the people I can remember at the moment who made whatever was fun for people about today possible: Rogelio, to whom I owe some booze, Miss Laura, Sylvie,, again, Sweetbike Scott, Evil Mike, Kevin, (where are you?), and all our sponsors, including especially, New Belgium Brewing Company, as well as the Madrona Eatery, Vapolution, Swrve Cycling, Taliah Lempert Bicycle Paintings, Drunk Cyclist, Paragon Machine Works, 2020 Cycle, Bicycle Fixation, and Dutch Bicycle Company, Seattle, Wa.

I loved how there were three DFLs: first, we thought Ethan was the end. Then, Max. But finally, who should really persevere other than John and Teresa, (who showed up, according to Mimi’s spreadsheet, one hour, fifty nine minutes and fifty seconds later than anyone else, the title), thereby earning the title if not the schwag.

And then, a whole bunch rode the CoBi home, even though everyone but me had to walk back to their bikes; happy fucking birthday to yours truly.


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So how many riders were there altogether? and belated happy b-day -

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