Saturday, March 28, 2009

Race Day 09

I must like doing this shit, I really must.

Because in addition to being mildly-to-majorly obsessed for the past several weeks (to the detriment, even, of my prep work for next quarter) with planning for today’s Tour de French Fry, I’ve pretty much spent the last 24 hours running around getting stuff and arranging things for the big race.

I’m not complaining, though; in fact, there must be little else I like doing better; for some weird reason, my idea of a good time is like riding my bike over to Crown Hill to pick up a 16-foot moving van, then driving it to Ballard to stick the Conference Bike in it, then hauling the behemoth across town to my house, then dragging it out, installing it in our garage/studio, then taking the truck back through mid-day traffic to the rental place, then hopping on my bike and riding home.

Or, apparently, I get my jollies out of bounding from bed early to ride through shitty weather to the bank, the grocery store, then back home to pick up the Haulin Colin trailer and load all my race prizes and schwag aboard it in order to pedal over to 2020 Cycle to drop the shit off before hussling home and making final preparations and writing this little reflection.

The weather, this morning, has been something of an issue; drizzly and cold—and it’s probably my fault for not importuning the gods by doing the Greenlake Race last night—but a few minutes ago, when I was outside, it had almost stopped dripping and I believed I saw a hint of blue sky behind the overcast.

Last year,
it snowed, though, and people still showed up.

So, we shall see; I’m almost at the point in the party where you get to say you’ve done all you can and just let things happen.

Just a few little more odds and ends, and then, ready or not, I’m there.


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