Saturday, March 21, 2009

Test Ride

This morning, I sampled the route for next week’s Tour de French Fry; I think it’s going to work: the French fry stops are set; the diabolical hills are identified; I think it’s long enough that people will have a chance to work off many of the calories they ingest, and the scenery, for much of it, is pretty lovely, especially up on Queen Anne, Magnolia, and through Denny Blaine.

I also think I’ve worked out a few of the logistical issues necessary to ensure that people actually do climb the required hills while giving them some options for alternate routes to the tops should they prefer to take a little longer way around.

It occurred to me that I can leverage the “52” theme by using playing cards as proof that riders have ascended the mandatory summits. We’ll see if that works, but it seemed like a good idea as I huffed and puffed up the final hill today in Madrona.

It took me about two hours and fifteen minutes, but that included waiting for my fries at each place; hopefully, I’ll have some helpers to have orders waiting for riders, so that will speed things along a bit. My guess is that the fastest riders can do the eighteen or so miles in a bit over an hour and a half; the only concern there is one I had last year: that I’ll have to hurry to get from the start in time to greet the fastest riders at the finish. But, it worked out then, so with luck, it’ll work out again.

I also thought that I might give folks the option, at least at one stop, of doing a shot of potato vodka instead of eating a bag of fries. Naturally, anyone can do both if they prefer.

The other good thing about having ridden the route today is that I can pooh-pooh any complaints that it’s too fucking steep or long.


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