Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best of 2008

The past couple years I’ve indulged in the narcissistic enterprise of reviewing my postings and choosing favorites which I then highlight in my own modified top ten list so that fans of 327 Words (yes, both of you!) as well as my biographers in years hence (most likely, me, sitting in an rocker at the nursing home) can get a quick snapshot of the previous 365 days in the life of my mind and other not-so-noble regions.

Given the overwhelmingly positive response to this practice (not a single person has complained about it!) (not a single person has said anything about it) and given that, for me, at least, with my abiding penchant for navel-gazing, reviewing some of what I’ve spewed forth during the past 52 weeks is kind of fun, here I go again.

I started off the new year in fine form, with My Hangover Cure, but I also think January’s Family wasn’t bad.

Waffle Ride II wins February, and was also one of my favorite .83 rides of the year, too.

While many of the posting’s associated with the Taco Truck Time Trial had appeal, the story of the event, Represent, takes March’s gold.

Words and Pictures in April, announcing the Tournesol.

Quickly! Just Slow Enough for May.

June: Potato Chip Sandwich, just because.

I’m going with Frog Horses for July, but maybe because I remember the event with such fondness.

Dead Baby Conference Bike wins August, but again, probably because the occasion was such a win.

And who can forget biking on the I-5 Express Lanes, especially with September’s Freedom to remind us?

October’s postings strike me as kind of ordinary, and the month’s pick, Mediocrity seems right in that vein.

Since so many of my 327 words border on wild-eyed rants, I’m going to have to go against type and choose No Complaints for November.

And since ideas are typically at a premium here, we’ll take one with a thought in it, Time is God for December.


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