Thursday, November 20, 2008

No Complaints

I can’t imagine a day better than this:

Up and atom, the paper on the porch and it’s not wet.

Morning stomach awakening predictably successful.

A satisfying yoga practice, complete with actually balancing in pigeon pose.

The kid, up and off to school with a minimum of complaining.

Back home in time to change outwear and bikes, and still make it down the hill for a sandwich and the Stranger before the bus.

And while I was waiting, some guy gave me a pamphlet that was the ideal conversation starter for today’s Philosophy of Religion class.

An absolutely forgettable ride out except that I got to help a perfect stranger figure out the stop for the driver’s licensing place in Bothell.

I completely enjoyed today’s class which, although small, seemed authentic; I took two occasions to share my writing and students had at least one.

Then, I got to observe a colleague’s class and get some perspective on my own teaching.

A cookie before Faculty Assembly.

Throughout much of the meeting, I thought I would be leaving early, but my interest was kept throughout; I felt a part of something.

Still, I made it to my number one Plan B spot for kickoff in the Steelers-Bengals game and was already enjoying a beer when the first few brick’s of the evening’s load appeared, including a couple students for a bit, then faculty members who show up and like to talk.

And while Pittsburgh was only up 10-7 at halftime, keeping it interesting, the outcome never really seemed in doubt as the 27-10 final attested to, so I got to watch and converse simultaneously.

We mostly talked about our departed dads.

The ride home had all the qualities I most enjoy of a Thursday night: a few miles, some adventure, interesting visuals, and the sense that some number of folks are also on their bikes this evening.

I didn’t see anyone, but I’ll bet they were out there.


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