Sunday, December 21, 2008

Can't Win 'Em All

Steelers got trounced 31-14 by the Titans of Tennessee today, but what I took from the contest is assurance that the Black n’ Gold can take the Powder blue, just so long as they don’t make so many mistakes next time around.

Had a fun adventure, anyway, heading out on foot to Fado for the meetup; a pretty good crowd given the snowy weather, which continues to delight.. I walked about halfway downtown, then caught a bus, packed with folks trying to get somewhere or just stay out of the cold. People are moving really slowly, cars either navigate gingerly or spin right out; and snowmen are everywhere.

One lady came into the bar wearing snowshoes, which seemed just a little over-the-top, although it was pretty impressive the way she motored over the sidestreet drifts after the game.

It’s an unusual state-of-affairs when really the best way to get around is on foot; while there were a few spots where I thought I could ridden more quickly than walked, in the end, I was glad not to have a bike I needed to push around. It was bad enough to be all worried about my laptop, which I brought to listen to the radio feed from Pittsburgh, and even though it worked just fine, the nerd quotient was just a little too high to have this be a habit.

Focus on the essentials, that’s the lesson here; I didn’t need to have my computer with me to enjoy the game—in fact, having it was just a little too complicated.

I think the Steelers could have taken this same admonition: seemed like they kept getting away today from what was working: off-tackle stuff and quick passes over-the-middle. They kept playing hard, though, and while it was a shame they lost, I know that by wiping his feet on the Terrible Towel in celebrating the win, that Titan player ensured a Pittsburgh victory in the AFC Championship.


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