Friday, November 28, 2008

Cargo Bike Ride 11/28/ 2008

First thing, I’ve moved up one spot in the oldest person alive rankings; Edna Parker, I salute you.

What I appreciated most about today so far has been the pace. Well, that and the sky. And all those crows in Seward Park.

A great flocking of winged creatures: crows on every branch of the tall trees, seagulls weaving in and out at a slightly lower level. I thought of some Shakespeare play where there are heroes and warriors, but then it became obvious that the main player in the drama was a bald eagle that the crows mobbed at first, but who then just toyed with them, soaring higher and higher, (literally) and, at one point, dipping and turning while reaching with its talons, just to remind them who’s boss.

A lovely day for a bike ride: I got a little wet on the ride to Red Square about noon, but by the time we were leaving around an hour later, skies were clearing. In fact, the only time I noticed the weather at all was when we first arrived under the shelter at Seward Park and the cawing of the birds was so constant I thought it was raindrops on the roof.

The other thing I’m thinking about now is Buy Nothing Day; I purposely left the house with no money in my wallet and I thought it right in sync to have had so much fun already without spending a penny, unless one were to amortize or whatever the costs associated with pedaling.

And then mostly, I was trying to not be a nuisance; one of the things I really like about rides like today is that everyone is more or less trying to take care of him or herself, but at the same times, it seems like we’re all equally willing to pitch in to make everything work out.

I can’t really see any significant difference between our afternoons and that of the crows.


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How did the two turkeys compare?

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