Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'll Take It

The Steelers prevailed over the Bland Diego Chargers today at Heinz Field 11-10, a score that apparently no NFL game has ever ended in before.

It was pretty ugly from start to finish (although I only saw the second half), but I’ll take it; if Pittsburgh is going to make the playoffs, they’ve got to win every game they can, whether it looks good or not. It’s the old “beggars can’t be choosers” idea; and since, as I stood in the Ram brewpub, I was silently beseeching the football gods to allow the Black and Gold to come through, I see no reason to complain that the outcome wasn’t rendered more artistically.

As it was, the game turned out to be pretty exciting, with Roethlisberger driving the offense down the field for a Jeff Reed field goal with eleven seconds left even though it would have been a touchdown had it not been called back on an illegal block that looked legal to me, but once the field goal had been made, didn’t matter, especially since I had the good sense for a change not to place a bet on the game.

So, perhaps there’s a lesson in here, something to the effect that winning ugly is still winning, but maybe I can also take it to mean that the better team will eventually prevail—except, that is, when, like last week, the Steelers managed to let a sure victory slip away in spite of themselves.

The Ram was an okay place to hang out and brought back memories of a times I watched games there with my Mom, although for each of those, if I recall correctly, the servers were willing to put the Steelers game on where we were sitting. whereas today, with the Seahawks playing, they only showed it in the bar, so I had to keep running back and forth to the restaurant to chat with Mimi and Jen.

Wasn’t pretty, but it worked.


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