Saturday, November 22, 2008


Just watched the University of Washington Huskies football team lose in the Apple Cup to the Washington State Cougars. I’m pretty sure this was the saddest loss in the saddest game by the saddest Division I football team I have ever seen.

I’m really glad I don’t care at all about the team or I would feel just awful. The Dawgs had the game sewed up with about two minutes to go; all they had to do was make a first down and let the clock run out, but on 4th and about 2 from the WSU 35 or so, “coach” Ty Willingham decided to punt and on the ensuing drive, the Cougars, following a long pass play, tied it up on a last-second field goal. Ugh.

I’ve been a Willingham supporter all along, but no longer. His unwillingness to take small chance cost his team the game, no less so since, following a touchback on the kick, the defense only gained about fifteen yards, anyway.

I’m sure talk radio airwaves will be buzzing with the abysmal nature of today’s game, but, as a matter of fact, I’m kind of glad. Now the Huskies can legitimately lay claim to being the worst team in college football and, more importantly, have nowhere to go but up next season.

(Again, I’m talking as if I give a shit about any of this; I don’t, of course, knowing it is way more important that the university find a way to fund tuition for students who are going to need help in these tough economic times, as well as continue to recruit and keep excellent faculty as budgets get smaller and smaller.)

Watching the game was like observing a slowly-unfolding train wreck; in the third quarter, when Washington was up 10-7, it became all-too-obvious that they were going to stumble and let WSU back into the game; the only truly fitting end, though, would have been the 10-10 tie.


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