Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Problem With Having a Job

The problem with having a job is that it makes you not want to do anything—that is, it makes you want to not do anything—when you’re not working.

Any time not spent on fulfilling one’s responsibilities as an employee immediately becomes play time, so it’s particularly difficult to do those many things that would, a small way, at least, make the world an incrementally better place: starting a small business or organization that would meet an unmet need in one’s community; writing a thrilling detective story featuring a character based on one’s own mother, may she rest in peace; planting a garden and tending it regularly.

Now that I only have three days left of summer vacation, all I really want to do is vacate in the fullest sense: overconsume, overindulge, and oversleep. Although there’s no question that it’s time I returned to being a more fully-fledged contributing member of society, I’m awfully inclined, as summertime runs down, to gorge myself on freedom over the next 72 hours, when really—by all rights—I ought to be buckling down and drying out.

Instead, I’m poking around the internetz looking at old Humble Pie, Small Faces, and the Osmond Brothersvideos. Certainly, no good can come of any of this.

It’s a lovely evening for a bicycle ride, however, and that’s not to be missed, no matter how hard-working of an employee one is.

Which reminds me, here comes Lance Armstrong back to cycling, apparently, which makes me doubly glad that this was the summer we saw the Tour; if he’s there next year, I’m sure it’s be even more of a circus it was this time around.

The point is, see, even he feels the way I’ve been referring to; the reason Lance is coming back to bike racing is so when he’s not busy with his chosen profession, he can lay around and eat tacos; when he isn’t though, he has to be much better all the time.


Blogger MichaelR said...

No good can come of this. I was just expunging "Boys of Summer" from my mental sound track and now, and now it's 30 Days in the Hole.

It's gonna last me until October. Instant nostalgia's gonna get ya.

6:31 PM  

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