Sunday, September 07, 2008

Auspicious Start

The Steelers stuck it to the Houston Texans today at Heinz Field 38-17 and it wasn’t even that close; all but 3 of the visitors points were scored in garbage time and hardly any of the home team starters played at all in the fourth quarter.

So, so far, so good, and even though nobody is likely to accuse the Texans of being a Superbowl-quality opponent, you have to hand it to the Black and Gold for getting the job done. You’ve got to win the games you’re supposed to if you’re going to do anything in the NFL.

Best of all, my boys beat the spread, so now, since the Giants also covered their points against the Redskins, all I need is for Bears to not lose to Indianapolis by more than a 9 points and I’ll win my first parlay of the season.

The other bets I made were on the Browns to prevail with +6.5 against the Cowboys (not looking so good in the second quarter, down by two touchdowns) and the Vikings +2.5 against the Favre-less Packers in Green Bay.

As usual, I’m experiencing my typical ambivalence over caring a whit about such a banal and pointless enterprise as professional football given the many far more pressing concerns facing the world today, but I figure since I finally took care of the one home improvement project I promised myself I would take on this summer—painting the outside molding on the back windows of the house—I’ve earned at least one day’s respite from the trials and tribulations facing us all, and even if I haven’t, too bad, I’m taking it anyway.

I suppose the background question is: how good does a person have to be, anyway? It can’t possibly be incumbent upon us to avail ourselves of every single occasion to make the world a better place; sometimes, I think, it’s enough to simply crash on the couch and refrain from making anything worse.


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