Sunday, June 17, 2012


I employed my usual strategy in this year’s Nine to Five All Night Bicycle Scavenger Hunt: arrive at the start, ride around a bit, head to the Twilight Exit bar for photo  booth opportunity and Rainier beer rebus bottle caps, then pedal home to scavenge myself of stuff lying around the house before turning in for a nap.

This year, though, due, I think, to the giant cappuccino I had about 10:00 in order to secure a disposable coffee cup with a business logo on it, I never quite fell asleep; consequently, I was up and back out the door before 4:00 to the cheerful twittering songbirds as I made my way through the pre-dawn streets back to Gasworks Park for the 5:00 meet-up and breakfast.

My proudest acquisition, apart from a tandem bike, which earned Team Nap five points, was my collection of eight Go Means Go spoke cards, including three previous Nine to Five versions.

One of these years, maybe I’ll actually stay up and out all night; I suppose it’s somewhat inimical to the spirit of the event to curl up under the covers for a few hours, but then again, even if I didn’t come home to sleep, it’s reasonably likely that I’d catch a few winks on a park bench somewhere, so why pretend?  May as well be comfortable, right?

It’s a shame, of course, to miss out on some of the late-night shenanigans; I didn’t get any drunks to sing the Dolly Parton song “Nine to Five” on video or anything; I did, however, garner a free drink at the coffee shop due to sporting my Point 83 sweater.  The barista said, “Point 83, huh?  Those guys are assholes.”

“You’re telling me,” I concurred.  “A bunch of drunken bike hobos.”

This earned me the aforementioned  cappuccino, gratis, and prepared me well for the rest of the night’s adventures, even if some of those involved staring at the ceiling in my bedroom.


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