Thursday, June 07, 2012


There’s probably a correlation between how busy and/or interesting one’s life is and how powerful is one’s appetite for writing about it and posting those words online for strangers to read.

 One might infer, therefore, that the general infrequency of my own online postings of late is evidence that I’ve been living large or, at least, have been occupied with other concerns than making sure I’ve posted 327 words of text each day for the world to access should it see fit.

 This inference wouldn’t be far off; the current quarter at school has been particularly busy and Jen and I (well, mostly Jen), were occupied for much of May with preparations for our 25th wedding anniversary bash, but as this entry on the weblog attests to, the times are changing; today is the last teaching day of the quarter and summers looms delightfully ahead like an oasis shimmering in the desert at which the thirsty traveler can refresh and restore himself.

 Last year’s sabbatical showed me what life could be like: day after day with nothing to do but what one wills oneself to do; there’s a certain heavy responsibility associated with that, but who doesn’t prefer that to the alternative: day after day when one’s choices are already specified by the clock and calendar? Sure, the existential weight gets lightened some, but the quotidian is exhausting.

 Liberty trumps predictability, for now, anyway.

 I’m sure there will be some days, say around August, when I’m sitting on the couch in the afternoon, falling asleep over my book, wondering whether what I’m not doing is what I ought to be doing; at the moment, though, the prospect of not having to be somewhere at pretty much every minute of every day is beyond delightful.

 I can make decisions based on the weather instead of the clock; like just now, I’ve typed this to wait out a rain shower before biking home.

 School’s out (almost) for summer, yeah!


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