Friday, April 01, 2011


It’s a good thing I’ve given up all recreational stimulants so that my head is clear enough to accurately recall everything that went down on last night’s maybe moderately all right, average at best ride last night.

I mean it would have been enough that not only one, but two (young and old) Wreyfords showed up, back to Seattle for good with new jobs as a certified public accountant and a police officer respectively, and that neither was whisked unconscious off to Harborview before the night was out, but what was really mind-blowing was to see Aaron Goss, who arrived on his new carbon fiber Cervelo and tehJobies (wearing a brown tweed vest!) cuddling in the park shelter after a couple drinks and proclaiming loudly to anyone who’d listen that they were now BFs 4 ever, no matter what.

Of course, this was after Andre led us on a well-marked bike trail to an indoor shopping mall where we stood around and admired the fake fire displays in a hardware store before riding quietly away. And subsequent to when Lee talked us all out of cycling on the freeway express lanes so we could stop instead at that quaint teahouse for steaming cups of chamomile blend.

The Angry Hippy was in rare form, too, especially after that second flat tire, when he started crying and had to have that girl change the tube for him. It was so sweet to see how thankful he was!

But, of course, not nearly as thankful as Derrick, who expressed his deep gratitude to all of us for putting up with his drunken shenanigans and promising never to do anything that might embarrass anyone ever again.

tehSchkott was so taken with the display that he stopped talking about his new bike!

And Henry and Jeff, bless their Summer Babes hearts, sang an impromptu bicycle-powered set of Barry Manilow tunes!

Right then was when I swore off cannabis and bike-riding for good.


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