Saturday, March 27, 2010

Race Day 2010

About an hour to go before I head over to 2020 Cycle to get started with sign-ups for this year’s birthday race, the 327 Words Prime Time Trial, and I think I’m pretty much all set up other than the part where I leave home, get about halfway there and realize I’ve forgotten something key, like the manifests or spoke cards, and rush home breathing heavily, only to find out I had the item in my bag all along, so I’ve got a few minutes to kill and rather than do housework or something productive, here I am tapping away 327 words worth, an appropriate enough pastime I’d say given that today IS the day that gave inspiration to my preferred form of essay.

I’m excited about this year’s race; the weather is really cooperating—right now it’s about sixty and sunny—and I think the course, while it may be a just a tad long, will offer riders a reasonably satisfying course around town.

The signature component, in my experience (and I’ve ridden the course twice so that no one can give me shit about the hills) is the steep uphill from the Duwamish to the south end of West Seattle, along a rode called, appropriately enough, Highland Park Avenue. But there should be plenty of other reasonably amusing points, as well; I think, for instance, people will get a kick out of going into Haulin’ Colin’s workshop and eating pasta primavera which, if I do say so myself, tastes pretty good.

As usual, I’ve probably overthought and overplanned the event, but that’s part of the fun. It’s a heck of a lot easier not having the Conference Bike in the mix; it’s kind of shame we won’t have it around to ride, but it’s a great relief not to have to deal with it.

I’m ready now to go get started. I hope people show up and have at least as much fun as me.


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