Tuesday, November 10, 2009

(Almost) One Hundred Percent

Joe Mallahan, the on-leave telecommunications executive committed to “driving efficiencies” in the public and private sector, conceded the Seattle mayor’s race yesterday to former Sierra club activist and dedicated bicycle commuter Mike McGinn; hooray.

Besides this being a win for fans of two-wheeled transportation everywhere and a victory for the little (bearded) guy over the forces of corporate greed and CEO business-speak, it also represents for me, an unprecedented occurrence in all my more than 30 years of voting.

Every single candidate I cast my vote for and all the ballot measures and initiatives I supported (or opposed) won (or lost) as the case may be.

Even the one I was most passionate about (usually a sure sign that I’ll end up on the losing side), the terribly wrong-headed, selfish, and misguided Proposition 1033, which would have effectively eviscerated the Washington state budget and totally devastated higher education and social services from Spokane to Bellingham went down in flames, even though as recently as a month or so ago it looked like my fellow citizens in the Evergreen state might, out of cluelessness, greed, or an inability to find it on the ballot, actually push it to victory.

And even though it turned out to be closer than I expected, Proposition 71, the “all but marriage” measure in support of what I can’t see how anyone doesn’t construe as ensuring a basic human right for gay people managed, mainly with the support of folks west of the Cascades, to prevail.

Plus, in the race for King County executive, the better candidate, Dow Constantine, clobbered the more photogenic, former TV news anchor and Sarah Palin-wannabe, Susan Hutchison in a race that surprised me with how close it wasn’t.

So, I don’t quite know what to make of all this success; I must be turning into the establishment or something.

In fact, the only race in which my candidate didn’t prevail was my write-in of Derrick (Ito) for sheriff.


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One of my facebook friends posted this today -
Dan Savage on What the Institution of Marriage Means

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