Sunday, November 08, 2009


Shades of gray and green, lots of yellow; that’s what caught my eye.

I liked seeing many things today, none the least a brother and sister in profile.

I had hoped to ride west to buy raffle tickets for Val’s sweepstakes, but there was little traction for the idea, especially after the fellow mechanic left. So, I got to stand around on a porch catching my breath and cooling off, but then, what a fine tour for a visitor, starting out so pleasantly with a walk across the locks and a climb over the bridge and up the path to Magnolia.

Things got interesting on the Elliot Bay trail where the first of the afternoon’s mechanicals was dispatched with efficiency and verve. We saw an eagle and a ship called the Arctic Eagle, I think.

The attitude I tried to cultivate—in keeping with the New Orleans breakfast theme—was one of being the big easy to please; I didn’t always succeed, especially when impatience overtook me, but mostly, I was perfectly happy to be perfectly happy with whatever was happening.

Except, of course, when I could have strangled that guy for being such a loudmouthed American male, but maybe I’m just jealous I’m not so young—although probably not.

I was especially impressed with how game people were for carrying on; I was all ready to stop and start on a beer before we’d even made it out of Pioneer Square, but I was glad that more ambitious heads prevailed and that somebody else had a phone to get details I would simply have despaired of.

I got to scream in a long group going through the I-90 tunnel and ride first with a headwind and then later with a tailwind across the bridge.

But probably my favorite moment was when we walked into the Mercer Island “Louisianathon” and got to crack up at the very idea of such an event with nothing but white folks


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Except, of course, when I could have strangled that guy for being such a loudmouthed American male...

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