Friday, November 06, 2009


I’m interested in the idea of what’s necessary, so limits tend to intrigue me.

327 words, for instance.

Tonight, I tried out “just one phone call allowed.” What I liked was not knowing what was going to happen. What kind of sucked was how lonely it’s been.

In philosophy class, we wondered about when it’s reasonable to hold a belief even if it isn’t, strictly speaking, rational to believe it.

My example tonight is, I guess, “I believe if I pay attention and don’t move too quickly, I will run into the bike gang.” Even though it didn’t come to pass, none of the adventures I ended up having tonight would I have had, had I not had that belief.

So, there was good reason for having it, even if I had no prior proof that it would be a good idea to have.

Although even now, I’m not sure.

What I do know is that I’ve got to pay attention early in the evening so as not to keep getting hit by cars: I forgot that 2nd Avenue was two ways and almost got creamed pedaling off only looking right.

And I was also reminded that it always pays off to stop at the bar in question and have a beer. If I hadn’t failed to do that the first time I arrived at the Hulu, the bartender might have remembered where people rode off to.

On the other hand, had I known, I wouldn’t have ridden south to Goldies under cool clear skies, nor would I have left in time to get caught in the hail and thunder storm that even managed to knock out the power in my neighborhood, Leschi, where, with lines buried underground, we never lose electricity.

Except that it seemed so right to have these blocks around here enshrouded in darkness to share in the commemoration of the great loss that occurred in my neighborhood last Saturday.

Peace. Be safe. Enough.


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