Monday, May 25, 2009

Little of Everything

I’m sure I try to do too much.

If I were a better, more evolved person, I’d be more fully committed to all the things that I endeavor to do instead of preferring to sample the available flavors of the day, enjoying a bit of this, a bit of that, however I can.

But I’m not. I’m the person I’ve turned out to be, so there you have it, which is why, no doubt, I took a reasonable amount of pleasure today in a range of adventures instead of staying put in one place and exploring it to the bitter end.

Case in point: After a morning of several work odds and ends, all of which I should have devoted more time and energy to, but each of which I devoted just enough effort to that I won’t be kicking myself later for having avoided altogether, I hitched up the Haulin’ Colin trailer and rode down to Pike Place Market for the Memorial Day Cargo Bike Jamboree meet-up, where I enjoyed the company of many of my favorite bike nerds most of whom were showcasing impressive ways to haul all sorts of picnic items on two wheels.

But instead of joining them on their jaunt out to West Seattle, though, I pedaled off, once the ride had started, to head over to Judkins Park to sample the experience of another bike community, this one featuring teams of bike polo players competing in the West Side Invite’s championship. And while I certainly could have basked in the festivities all afternoon, I stayed for only a couple beers, and after passing out a handful of cold ones from the trailer’s cooler, I rode off to join my family for an outing at Lake Washington, where grownups sat around quaffing brews and children romped in the water.

Even there, though, I didn’t settle; a couple hours, then back to catch a few more polo matches before home for whatever’s next.


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