Monday, October 22, 2007

Good Game, Anyway

The Steelers fell 31-28 on a last second field goal to the Denver Broncos last night; again, I blame myself: I didn’t start drinking Rolling Rock until they were already down by two touchdowns, and I was trying to listen to the final game of the American League playoffs at the same time.

So, on the Broncos’ final drive, when I should have been fully focused on helping the Black and Gold defense tighten up and make big plays, I had an ear tuned to the travails of the Indians as they fell apart faster than a cheap suit in the seventh game at Fenway.

The game at Mile High Stadium was a good one, anyway; the offense moved the ball well and Roethlisberger looked pretty sharp, especially in the second half. Hines Ward dropped a pass or two, but I chalk that up to being rusty after his injury layoff and last week’s bye. Except for a fluke play on which Big Ben juggled a low snap, had the ball slip from his grasp as he was hit and roll on the grass as the fumble was run back for a Denver touchdown, Pittsburgh would likely have prevailed.

Alas, though, it was not to be as boys from the Burgh fell to 4 and 2, still good enough to lead the division, but not nearly as comfortably in control of their destiny as they looked a couple weeks ago.

Worst part about it was having to eat crow in front of my Monday morning Logic class over whom I got to lord the Steelers win against the Seahawks the week before last. We’ve been doing categorical propositions, so used as an example of translation into formal language the English phrase, “The Steelers beat the Seahawks” into something like “All teams identical to the Pittsburgh Steelers are teams that beat the Seahawks.”

Unfortunately, it’s also true that Some teams the Steelers lose to are teams from Denver.


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