Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Today is a lazy Sunday; the sense of lassitude being fostered by the overcast and intermittently rainy weather and a couple of three mimosas at brunch.

It’s harder for me to be a total slug on the weekends during the summer since I don’t quite feel I’ve earned it in the way I do during the school year; but I’m doing a pretty good job of it today. Here it is already late afternoon and I haven’t yet made it through the Times.

Sometimes on Sundays, even the newspaper “homework” seems daunting; the Arts and Leisure and Magazine sections sit there on the table mocking me; how am I ever going to find time to get through the Sunday Styles and still get in my afternoon nap?

Tonight, we’re off as a family to see one of my favorite bands to see live, Fountains of Wayne. I’ve caught them a couple of times in the past and have loved their musicianship and songwriting lots, even though it’s easy to accuse them of being too pat and poppy. (“Pat and Poppy:” sounds like a sixties folk group.)

This morning on my usual Sunday AM bicycle errands, it was raining pretty hard, enough so that I had to gear up in my full winter plastics. I was reminded of what it’s going to be like for the next six months or so starting in about a month or so. One day of it isn’t so bad; it’s when my gloves haven’t dried out for a fortnight that it really starts to wear.

At least it keeps the riff-raff off the bike trails.

I think the dog suffers the most on days like this; she ends up staring out the window with her head resting on the windowsill, looking terribly forlorn. I’m not sure if she’s really sad or if it’s just my a projection of guilt for not walking her.

If I weren’t so lazy, that’s what I do.


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