Thursday, August 16, 2007

Found Bikes

Yesterday I happened upon a pile of what looked liked abandoned bikes on the corner of 30th and Cherry. As is my usual wont, I stopped and perused them, half-hoping to see the Rambouillet or parts of in the stack. No such luck, but there were a couple interesting things among the trash: an almost ready-to-ride Haro mountain bike, late 80s or early 90s vintage, with LX components, and also a generic department store mountain bike with, surprisingly, XT thumbshifters and front and rear deraillers.

As I was standing there, a guy happened by and said “free bikes!”

I looked puzzled and he elaborated. “We’re moving out of our apartment,” he said, pointing to the moving van in the background. “Those bikes have been in our basement since we lived here and we’re not taking them with us. You can have whatever you want.”

So I rode home, got the trailer and scooped up the two treasures that interested me. The XT components went into my parts bin; the front derailler may work for the Hampsten when it comes; the Haro, I cleaned and oiled up to have as a backup mountain bike for Mimi or Jen, but what I’d really love to do is find the original owner. It’s not a super-great bike, but it seems like it’s nice enough that somebody thought about it before they bought it and probably missed it pretty much when it was taken (as it almost surely was.)

I’ve poked around about on stolen bike registries but haven’t found any notice about it. I’m going to try listing it on Craigslist and see what happens. It’s likely a while since the bike was taken from its rightful owner, so chances of reuniting them seem pretty slim. It would be lovely, though, if it could happen, so I’ll try.

And if I could get them together, just think what that would do for my chances of getting the Rambouillet back!


Anonymous Alberto said...

Now that's a pretty nice thing to do. How will you go about having the rightful owner identify the bike after so many years? Interesting if it works out.

2:39 PM  

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