Sunday, October 09, 2011


I did the unthinkable today.

Even though the Steelers were the early game, I went to Sunday morning yoga class, thereby missing not only the kickoff, but as it turned out, all but the last 42 seconds of the first half.

Amazingly, though, it worked out, as the Black n’ Gold, even without my assistance, dominated the Tennessee Titans, for a 38 to 17 victory (that wasn’t even really that close) at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.


Does this mean my superstitious ways will now be put on hold, and I’ll no longer have to worry about wearing my lucky shirt, eating the propitious sandwiches, and laying out my late Mom and Dad’s wedding rings on the table to ensure a Steelers’ victory?

Probably not; probably I’ll just make it a new practice to go to Sarah Plummer’s led Ashtanga class on gamedays like today; so far, it’s an infallible technique for securing that my team prevails.

Of course, this might not be so strange as it sounds; there is a precedent. Back in the day, when I was a huge Los Angeles Dodgers fan, I discovered a correlation between how many laps I swam in the swimming pool and whether the Boys in Blue won that night. It turned out that if I completed at least 40 lengths of the pool, doing the Australian Crawl, I could pretty much count on the Dodgers winning. I ever wrote to the team management to let them know about this curious, but entirely predictable phenomenon. Oddly enough, they never got back to me.

During the last Superbowl, in which the Steelers succumbed to the Green Bay Packers, I was sitting on my couch in India, listening to the game on internet radio at 5:30 in the morning, waiting to head off to the yoga shala by 8:00. The Steelers lost, of course, and now I know why: instead of waiting to practice, I should’ve already been on my mat.


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