Sunday, September 25, 2011


It was a Haulin’ Colin trailer extravaganza at the Moving Planet event yesterday at South Lake Union Park.

Besides my rig, four more of the venerable cargo-hauling beasts showed up, towed by various friends, colleagues, and customers who have also come to appreciate that awesomeness and planet-saving qualities of the world’s best-loved bicycle trailers.

I carried two coolers of ice, beer, and other necessities, along with a bike trainer stand to run the bicycle blender and make smoothies for passersby. Fancy Fred towed his Wal-Mart Sidehack BMX bike; Knox Gardner showed up with a cooler stocked with free sodas for kids; Colin himself dragged one of his creations; Ashok from BikeSoGood in Georgetown had his attached to an XtraCycle, and Art from came by with the one I’ve loaned to them for their growing business.

What was cool, I thought, was how the trailers themselves sort of disappeared into the background, but, in doing so, formed the foundation for pretty much everything that was going on.

In my case, for instance, people were really intrigued with the bike blender; many thought I was representing it. (I probably could have sold a couple of them.)

Likewise, everyone wanted to ride Fancy Fred’s Sidehack.

So, even though I passed out a bunch of business cards, I’m not sure it made for an incredible marketing event; the trailers, I think, sell themselves, but only to folks who want to buy them.

The Moving Planet event itself was reasonably impressive: there were probably 500 or so people there and Mayor showed up, too. I’m not sure all the do-gooders there are really making a dent against human-induced global climate change, but at least a lot of people rode bikes to get there.

I hardly moved from the spot I initially encamped in. Mostly, I tended to smoothie-making, which entailed getting people on my bike to pedal away until ice was crushed.

Probably not planet-saving, but pretty amusing after all.


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