Friday, May 21, 2010

Walk-Off Win

The Mariners had their first walk-off win of the season yesterday.

Not that I care, but I did notice that my evening was sort of like that, too.

Even though I didn’t pogo around home plate and push a shaving cream pie into the face of my hero, I did sort of get to have the experience of a ride that was just “meh” turn delightful in its final stages, as I ran into the non-Thursday night ride contingent of .83 who had, apparently, ridden to the Elysian after seeing some sort of film or something like that, but the important thing was, my pedaling around town wasn’t in vain even though it really hadn’t been beforehand, despite the fact that most of the night was an object lesson in how it’s not quite the same to go places on a bike Thursday night and drink drinks at them when you’re not accompanied by several dozen other like-minded and similarly inebriated two-wheelers out for a tour.

I kind of knew that, at 10:30, the only way I might run into the main contingent was to head north, but I still felt compelled to ride south, so I passed by a few of the usual suspect haunts and even ended up at the 9lb Hammer for a while, so in a way, I got to have the weekly ride experience without really having it. At midnight, then, I decided to head home, as is often my wont, and thought “Why not swing by Capitol Hill just in case?” and lo and behold, there was a little bike pile outside the pub so inside I went, just in time for last call and half a dozen people I generally enjoy seeing on the cusp of the weekend.

Call it a success: I closed down the joint and got to have a moment with my favorite soon-to-be-departed math geek; I’m sure we talked about fascinating things right through the unexpected conclusion.


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