Sunday, May 02, 2010

Losing Sucks

Bad weekend in sports: the Mariners drop three in a row, the Pens lose at home to Montreal, and Bill’s Off-Broadway Chuggers and Sluggers get swept in back-to-back doubleheaders on Saturday and Sunday, three of those losses coming by one run.

None of this should bother me, of course, but it does, although when I put it in perspective against, say, the Gulf coast oil spill, I can see that really, it doesn’t matter at all. Nevertheless, it is an annoyance, one that rankles just enough to compel me to squeeze out 327 words about it on a quiet Sunday evening in May.

In some ways, the softball losses were the toughest; we went 10 innings in the first game on Saturday and if I’d have been a more aggressive third-base coach, I think we could have won it in the bottom of the 7th, but I refrained from sending our best player home with two outs, confident that the next person up would drive him in—but that didn’t happen and four innings later we went down to defeat.

I think I can shrug the Penguin’s loss of the easiest; it’s only the second game of the best of seven series and I don’t think Montreal’s goalie can keep up his stellar play throughout.

The M’s losses were certainly the most infuriating; at this point in the season, they’re stranding more men than Hurricane Katrina, although unlike that natural disaster, the team is leaving them high and dry.

The Chuggers and Sluggers were kind of snakebit like that, too; we squandered a bunch of scoring opportunities, mostly because, I think, we’re all thinking too much. Normally, the solution to this is more beer, but nobody seemed in all that much of a mood for getting trashed; instead, we took our turns at bat with remarkable sobriety; I went 2 for 6 for the afternoon and woke up today quite sore—not just muscles, but heart, too.


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yea, the Brewers are doing so bad that the sports newscasters have started describing them as in a race for the basement ... headline of the Milwaukee paper today, "what's wrong with the Brewers?"

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