Monday, May 31, 2010

Sure, Whatever

It sets my teeth on edge when people complain about the weather, especially in Seattle. Yes, it rains in the spring. Yes, it can be chilly until July. Yes, it’s sunnier in other places, but most of them aren’t the all-around heaven on earth it is here in the Pacific Northwest, either.

Of course, complaining about people complaining about the weather is probably just as bad as complaining about rain; in both cases, there’s not really much to be done to change things.

The whole concept of “bad weather,” is, of course, ludicrous. A rainy spring day in Seattle isn’t “bad weather;” that would be, by contrast, a long string of sunny ones, or even worse, fire and brimstone falling from the sky.

Ducks never seem to get upset about the rain; fish neither, so why should we?

Admittedly, it’s not particularly delightful to be out on a bike ride getting soaked. But generally, the showers pass and one dries off relatively quickly. It’s way worse, in any case, to be driving a car around when it’s pouring, at least that was my impression today when I biked with the trailer down to the Goodwill to drop off some old stuff; sure, I was getting relatively drenched, but at least I wasn’t stuck in the parking lot traffic and didn’t have to dart around like a scared squirrel when removing the load I’d brought from the trailer like all those folks pulling stuff from the backs of their Subarus did.

Once you’re wet, you’re wet, and you realize it’s not really so bad, especially when you know you’ll start drying off and warming up as soon as you begin pedaling uphill.

And now, check it out, just two hours later, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and if it weren’t for Tim Lincecum pitching such a mediocre game for the third start in a row, all would be right with the world, at least here.


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