Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Heave

The Buddhists have it right: life is suffering and the cause of that is desire; if we could just overcome, eliminate, or otherwise rid ourselves of our lusts, cravings, and attachments, all would be right with the world—and afterworld, too, I suppose.

But we’re trapped in a paradox: if we desire to be desire-less, then that’s a desire, too; so basically, we’re fucked. Alas, it’s the human condition, and presumably, until we manage to get ourselves out of the ongoing cycle of death and rebirth, all we have to look forward to, like it or not.

I mention this not out of some misguided affection for Eastern religion, but rather as an observation about my own state of mind here on the last day before Christmas 2009, one I’ve been having sort of a hard time getting sufficiently excited about, even though I’ve been doing my best to keep up the steady alcoholic glow that typically inspires holiday spirit for me.

Part of the problem, I think, is that I haven’t clarified my Christmas list yet; I guess I’ve been waiting for Santa to be a tad more forthcoming with his intentions, but since he seems to have gotten sidetracked by the eggnog, I suppose I’ll just have to take the lead from children everywhere, climb up on the old guy’s lap, and let him have it.

First, of course, I’d like world peace and harmony and free health care for all people. And a new laptop would be cool, too.

I’d like to see that every child was a wanted child and that all kids everywhere had parents that loved them and took good care of them. And bring me some new cashmere socks to go with that.

Please, Santa, see to it that everyone has safe shelter with plenty of healthy food and water; and if you could manage to ensure that I win the MegaMillions lottery, that would be most appreciated as well.


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