Sunday, March 08, 2009

Andy Rooney Ranting

What’s with all these kids today constantly text-messaging wherever they go? In the last few days, I’ve almost been creamed three times by some clueless adolescent with his or her eyes fixed on a telephone screen as he or she barrels into the bathroom at school or storms through the door of a restaurant, or simply walks me off the sidewalk in an effort to not miss a single inane posting from some similarly self-involved narcissist somewhere out there in the textosphere.

Now maybe this is preferable to the alternative—having to listen to those same superficialities as they blab them loudly into their hand-held plastic for anyone in the general area code to hear—but couldn’t it possibly be possible for them to just be alone with their thoughts for a few moments without the security blanket of another person’s keystrokes or vocal inflections to comfort them?

On the other hand, many of them are all but clinically deaf or so I surmise by the numbers who have their iPod earbuds turned up so loud that it’s impossible not to hear their “music” blaring over even the roar of the bus engine and it speeds down the freeway during rush hour to school.

What’s so bad about not being artificially stimulated through the eardrums every second of the day? I sort of like having thoughts of my own; sometimes it’s fun to have the words in your head not be the “lyrics” to some “song” piped directly into your biological audio processing systems.

And won’t it be a relief in the next decade or so when the cellphone craze has finally passed? Can’t just not hardly wait until people realize that the dreaded “hand to face” disease is not making their lives any better?

Plus, why are we sticking with Bush’s stupid idea to start Daylight Savings Time so early in March? I was just getting used to it being light when I awoke; now this.


Blogger btm said...

If we move DST back, we'd have to repatch all the computer software again. Hopefully much was learned from the last disaster, but it wasn't easy.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Arnica Montana said...

in the words of noted social commentator, Dennis Leary, PULL YOUR PANTS UP!

Personally, i would love to see us stay on DST permanently. it would increase our morning darkness in the winter but would also increase our evening light.

9:34 AM  

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