Sunday, February 22, 2009

Three's A Charm

I’m not sure that knowing what’s ahead makes it easier, but at least you’ve got a point of reference for how much longer you’re going to be pedaling and maybe that counts for something and could be the reason, perhaps, that Mimi was able to perfectly time our rendition of “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” so that just as we pulled onto the boardwalk at the end of this year’s Fucking Hills Race, she was just hitting “1 bottle of beer on the wall,” which was exactly what I was looking for and as testament to my heartfelt desire for suds, Miller Lite tasted really delicious.

I’d be looking forward to this year’s race for weeks and it didn’t disappoint at all: the weather, partly cloudy and cool, couldn’t have been better and there was plenty of vegetarian chili left for us, even though we finished no higher than 60th or so out of the 80-some riders who pirated alongside the 2009 version of Cascade Bike Club’s Chilly Hilly.

Our tandem performed beautifully; just one small mechanical when we dropped the timing chain downshifting on a hill relatively early on; and to my surprise, we were able to get the cranks more or less in phase on the roadside with the bike turned upside-down.

Fortunately, riding home last night, I snapped the rear derailer cable, so that repair took place this morning before leaving rather than en route today.

The kid, as usual, was a champ from start to finish; no way we’d have made the final post-race push up Jackson Street without her relentless stoking.

Race organizer Derek Ito worked harder than he does any other day of the year to make the event come together and the pile of prizes was impressive to say the least: I got a fresh pair of wool armwarmers and Mimi a cool t-shirt, but the real reward was the race itself; already I’m waiting for number four.


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