Sunday, February 01, 2009


The Steelers eked out a thrilling 27-23 victory in today’s Superbowl XLIII, Santonio Holmes making an amazing touchdown catch with 35 seconds remaining, allowing me to get off my hands and knees and stop praying even though I had no fingernails left by the time the last half-minute of the game was over.

It was way more exciting of a contest than I expected and far better from an entertainment perspective than I’d have liked. But even though the Black and Gold cost me ten bucks for not being the spread, I’m delighted to take it.

The good news is I can show my face around school tomorrow without people giving me the pity-party look.

At the outset, it looked like the Steelers would win in a walkover; they drove down the field pretty easily on their first drive, were up 10-0 in the second quarter and went into halftime ahead 17-7 after James Harrison’s 100 yard pick-six interception return.

And then, I was feeling really good because it seemed like I finally got the recipe right for my homemade Primanti Brothers’ sandwiches; on the advice of my sister, Deb, I broiled them open-face to melt the cheese, then slapped the coleslaw, French fries, and tomato inside to seal them together. Washed down with a couple Rolling Rocks, and I was feeling no pain.

But in the fourth quarter, the ageless (weird that someone 15 years younger than me can merit that term) Kurt Warner drove his team for two scores and things looked pretty bleak with two and a half minutes left for my boys.

Then, though, it was the Roethlisberger and Holmes show, with quarterback and receiver hooking up on four completions in the final game-winning drive.

Even Jen and Mimi had to cheer, although I think part of that had to do with feeling relief over not having to deal with a grouchy husband and father for the next six months.



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