Monday, January 19, 2009

That's That

The Steelers dispatched the hated Ravens in yesterday’s AFC Championship game, 23-14, punching their ticket to Superbowl XLIII on February 1, 2009.


I fired up both television sets, put the internet feed on two computers, and occasionally caught the radio broadcast when moving between rooms. And it all seemed to work because Pittsburgh pretty much dominated except for about the last half of the third quarter and the first half of the fourth, when Baltimore crept back into contention with two unanswered touchdowns.

But that’s when I decided to spread out the Terrible Towel with both my parents’ wedding rings atop it; then, with the addition of one more Rolling Rock, everything was set for Troy Palamalu to pick off a Kyle Boller pass and run it back forty yards for a defensive score, sealing the victory, for all intents and purposes, with less than five minutes to play.

Now, there are two weeks of anticipation for the biggest of the big games and while it may be somewhat pleasant to be inundated with a fortnight of news about my hometown heroes, I’d much prefer there was only a week between the conference championships and the league final; but I guess you need to have all the time for the hype and to get all those wealthy corporate types into their luxury boxes in Tampa Bay.

In spite of my devotion to the Black and Gold, I really have no interest in attending the game in person; it might be kind of fun sometime to go to Vegas to watch, but in all likelihood, I’ll take in the contest at home. I see football, in spite of my willingness to go on about it one group of 327 words after another, as essentially a guilty pleasure, one best enjoyed in one’s own living room.

Of course if (when) the Steelers do prevail two weeks from yesterday, I'll be cheering loud enough for the neighbors to hear.


Blogger Mark Beatty said...

yeah my father and brother both went to one of the redskin superbowls and they hated it, because there really weren't any true fans of either team in the stands. going to the home stadium to watch on the "jumbotron" with your other buddy-fans sounds like a better deal to me.

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