Saturday, February 14, 2009

Governor Cannabis

No, I’m not talking about former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, who thrilled the folks at NORML a few years ago when he came out in support of legalizing marijuana; here, I’m using the term “governor” in the sense applied to machinery as, (according to “a device for maintaining uniform speed regardless of changes of load, as by regulating the supply of fuel or working fluid,” by which I’m suggesting that cannabis use could, at least for some people, be a way of helping to ensure they didn’t zoom out of control on whatever fuel it is they get themselves started with.

And here, especially, I’m thinking of my old pal, Looey, who—if he’s still among the living—is totally a mess. The guy, thanks to his taste for alcoholic beverages and, (at least if he still aspires to the same habits as he did when I knew him well a couple decades ago), the infamous Bolivian marching powder, has managed to work himself entirely down the ladder of success, from a position as some sort of production manager for multinational garment companies in San Francisco to barely scraping by as a 7-11 clerk in Lacey, Washington.

Now it seems to me that if only he were more of a pothead, he wouldn’t be such a drunk. Usually, if you get good and stoned before you start drinking, you tend to consume more slowly, so as not to mess up the more delicate marijuana experience; and, it seems to me that a couple of lungfuls of cannabis smoke after a few drinks sobers you up enough that another shot of Jagermeister or whatever doesn’t seem like such a good idea.

But maybe I’m being a Pollyanna here; there’s no doubt that for some people, adding one intoxicant upon another makes things worse. I do think, though, if Looey had had the cannabis governor on last week, he might not have totaled his brother’s van.


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As an aside, when I was a kid we used to refer to "Senator Mohasky." I remember many meetings with the Senator behind the science building or in the alley. A real man of the people.

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