Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two Places At Once

I just got a nice email from the Dead Babies letting me know that my little film, Bike Love, (Pump It Up), got accepted to the Dead Baby Bikes Presents Film Festival on May 1, 2008.

All right!

But dang!

I’m supposed to be in Spokane, at the Doubletree Hotel, for the Pacific Northwest Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference that day, putting me in something of a quandary that could be solved quite easily if only I could figure how to be in two places at the same time.

This desire is one that I find myself having fairly regularly; and typically it involves a balancing act between professional responsibilities and personal preferences, as in this case. Which takes precedence: my obligation as a community college instructor to engage in professional development activities that can presumably make me a better teacher and colleague, or my wishes, as a neophyte filmmaker and longtime dipsomaniac, to indulge my tastes for movies and distilled spirits while carousing with friend and fellow cyclists in an event that promises to be totally wild?


Perhaps the solution here will be to do a little of both, a strategy that I have often employed with some success. Unfortunately, this means I often don’t manage to utterly commit to either professional expertise or out-and-out debauchery; on the other hand, it does allow me to keep a foot in both doors, even if that means I occasionally get my toe crunched as one or the other slams shut.

In one of the Harry Potter books, IIRC, Hermione has some kind of device that allows her to mess with time somehow so she can take twice as many classes as her fellow students. That would probably be ideal in this case; then I could get to Spokane, see the conference, and still return to Seattle in time to cheer for all the movies in the show; since that device is unavailable, though, maybe Horizon Air.


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