Sunday, December 10, 2006

Senior Moment(s)

So, I ride all the way over to West Seattle to get the part I need for the repair I’m trying to do and when I get home to take it out of my bag, it’s not there. I dig around through all the pannier’s pockets, swearing at myself while Mimi and her visiting friends titter at my bad language, but no luck. I call the shop, but they can’t find it, so it’s total mystery where the part’s gotten to. I suppose I set it down on the counter at the store or dropped it on the ground instead of into my bag. Whatever; it’s nowhere to be found.

But here’s the kicker which is, I guess, the happy ending I might have been looking for: haphazardly, I start rooting around in my toolbox and lo and behold, there’s a spare bottom bracket cup, the very piece I went to get and which has gone missing. So, while my trip across town has been completely in vain, I apparently didn’t need to take it in the first place.

This is clearly a metaphor for something.

Perhaps the message is something like: I already have everything I need in life and all my running around to find it is just wasted effort.

Alternately, it may be that the universe provides and I should simply trust fate to come through for me in spite of my lame efforts to the contrary.

Or maybe it’s that I’m obviously losing my mind and even though I thought I bought the part across town and left it there, I somehow managed to bring it home and put it in my toolbox without realizing it.

In any case, this kind of stuff seems to be happening more and more to me with each passing year. The downside is that life seems to be increasingly out of my control.

The good news, though, is that I’m getting more and more used to it.


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