Monday, November 27, 2006

Snow Ride

Today’s entry was going to be about what lightweights Seattleites are when it comes to weather—how our recent little bit of snow has been made such a big deal of (from people’s reactions to a light dusting of powder, you’d think the sky was dropping flaming meteorites instead of gentle snowflakes), but that was before my semi-epic bike ride home this evening that took me through a blizzard, sheet-icy roads, and turned out to be a full-on adventure lasting two and a half hours compared to my usual travel time of just over an hour and thirty minutes.

I almost didn’t make it; that is, I practically gave up about a third of the way from school to home. In Lake Forest Park, on the Burke-Gilman trail, the fast-falling fat flakes were accumulating rapidly; at least two inches of wet snow had already fallen, and more flakes were coming down fast enough that my tracks were covered almost as soon as I laid them.

Fat handfuls of snow stuck between my tires and fenders, at one point, so thickly that my rear wheel stopped turning altogether. As long as I was able to maintain a straight line, I could poke along at around five miles an hour; anytime I skidded out—which was every hundred feet or so—it was practically impossible to get started again.

For some time, I had no choice but just give up and walk.

If it weren’t so beautiful—such a bona fide winter wonderland—I would have despaired of carrying on.

I passed just a handful of fellow cyclists; I got wished “Merry Christmas” by two of them.

Eventually, the snow thinned out, and by the time I got to the UW, the trail was all but clear.

I thought the fun was over, but the last few blocks in my neighborhood, the streets were paved with ice.

Fun as it was this evening, should be a riot tomorrow morning.


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