Saturday, July 15, 2006


Here are some of the ways I’m superstitious. Maybe, though, not all are superstitions; maybe some are reasonable beliefs for which I have acceptable justification. I can’t tell; maybe you can.

If you leave pot in the pocket of something—a coat, a bikebag, a suitcase, whatever—that thing is more likely to get stolen.

On any given day, if you swim more than 20 laps of the pool, the sports team you are rooting for is more likely to win their next game.

When you feel a cold coming on, drink a glass of orange juice with lots of vitamin C powder and Echinacea in it and you won’t get sick.

A piece of writing that is 327 words long is automatically worthwhile in some way.

If you can unlock your bike, you are safe to ride home.

In order to help the Pittsburgh Steelers win, lay out your Terrible Towel in front of the TV set, put your mom and dad’s watches and rings on it, and crack open a Rolling Rock right at kickoff.

The more you talk on a cellphone, the weaker your powers of ESP become.

If you go by yourself, you can get a day-of-show ticket to any sold-out event.

The best seat on the bus is halfway down on the opposite side of the driver.

It’s not bad luck to break a mirror unless you break it over your head.

Wearing a bicycle helmet makes you less likely to get in a crash where you would need it.

Sleeping late makes the hangover worse.

Even though there is no afterlife, your dead loved ones know what you are doing at all times.

If you set the dice with the threes showing, arranged so they make an arrow pointing forward, you are less likely to roll a seven.

A horse that carries low weight in a race has an advantage.

If you write pieces for your blog, people will read them.


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