Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I took the first snow day as a sort of reward (for what I’m not exactly sure—maybe that I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday grading papers?); today’s second straight unexpected day off is purely a gift. I pay obeisance to nature’s grace—thanks Mom!—for the extra-long holiday and promise to plant a tree or something in thanks when spring comes around.

Snide jokes are certainly in order when it comes to our town’s response to a bit of snow, but I’ll take ‘em; I’m glad we’re pussies and I get another day to poke around town on two wheels buying food for Thanksgiving and laughing at stuck cars.

I took my first weather-related spill of the year last night; I blame it on the fifty pounds or so of groceries I had in my panniers and the half a dozen drinks I had under my belt: at one moment, I was riding slowly along having a conversation with Jen and Beth, who had walked on their errands, the next moment, I was seeing stars as my jaw grazed the bumper of a parked car. Just a scratch and no real lasting damage, but it does hurt to chew toast this morning.

Despite my tumble though, I do believe the Hunqapiller is the preferred rig for these conditions; its super-wide tires give me an extra millisecond or two to correct a skid before it becomes a slide and then a fall and sitting as upright as I do on it enables me to keep a better eye on cars all around.

Yesterday afternoon, as I pedaled down a sidestreet covered with snow and ice, some lady in a minivan started honking at me to speed the fuck up, I guess; was she really on my ass to ride into the crunchy drifts just so she could get to the stopsign an instant sooner? Since I didn’t pull over, we’ll never know, will we?


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