Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Retarded Morons

So, I guess Sarah Palin is all bent out of shape because Rahm Emanuel said that liberal groups thinking of running health care-related ads against Democratic lawmakers were “fucking retarded.” The ex-governor of Alaska equated his use of the term to using the racial slur “nigger” and called for President Obama to fire him. In doing so, she once again trotted out references to her own child with Down syndrome, apparently unaware of or unconcerned about the irony of exploiting the kid’s mental handicap in the cause of ending the exploitation of the mentally challenged.

Meanwhile, Senate majority leader Harry Reid, and the Las Vegas chamber of commerce are all exercised because they perceived that Obama had slighted Sin City when he said that in tough fiscal times, you don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas. This proves once again, it seems, that he hates America.

And then finally, I just read on the internetz that some people who must have way too much time on their hands—or too many Twinkies on their plates, I dunno—don’t like it that Michelle Obama publically expressed some concern over her daughters’ weights; supposedly this is tantamount to condemning them to anorexia and bulimia for the rest of their lives.

People, get a fucking grip!

Didn’t you ever hear “stick and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me?”

Are people really so delicate these days that an offhand—and all right, admittedly insensitive—remark makes them respond so peavishly?

That’s some sanctimonious shit, if you ask me, especially from a woman known for snarkiness and a guy infamous for patronizing remarks about a black person.

Now, I realize that in my meta-commentary on their commentary, I’m probably committing the same sin I’m accusing them of: blowing something someone said entirely out of proportion to make some point that’s basically unrelated to what the person said originally.

This has got to stop; it’s just fucking gay.


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