Monday, September 14, 2009

Off the Couch

I did it! I managed to get up off the couch and am now ready to make my unique contribution to society and the world!

But first, a little nap in my chair.

It’s never to early to begin addressing the serious problems that we face as a people, a nation, and citizens of the world.

Just give me some time to wake up, first, okay? Maybe another cup or two of coffee is in order to get motivated.

President Obama today warned Wall Street about the dangers of “unchecked excess.” Thankfully, I’m doing my part to reign in any activity with even a hint of ambition.

I know! I could ride my bike from Cairo to Capetown. For starters, though, I’ll pad across the carpet and lie down in the corner.

Maybe it’s the weather: if the sun hadn't risen today, I’d feel completely different.

But now, I’ve decided to adore everything I do, even those things I had no intention of caring about until I had to do them; is there any other way to live?

For the last few months, my unspoken motto has been, “I don’t wanna do what I don’t wanna do.” Now, though, I haveta, even if I don’t wanna.

Ah well, all good things have to come to an end, except apparently, for Joan Rivers’ career. Ha-ha! Kidding!

In life, so many things are better to have done than to do, I think, and probably vice-versa, as well. I’m thinking specifically about a bike tour from France to India; I’d like to be the guy who’s done that; I’m not sure, though, I’d be willing to be the guy doing it.

Such ruminations are a luxury, are they not? Won’t my mind and body soon be occupied with far more pressing concerns? Like what’s for dinner and who’s going to fix it?

What I’ll miss most is that there’s never a night that’s a school night. I hereby devote myself to that attitude.


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