Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh Well

Once a year, at least, I get to hang out inside a dark bar on a sunny day and watch a football game and today was that day.

The bar wasn’t even that dark; I could watch people stroll by on First Avenue all afternoon at Fado and, at halftime, when the Steelers were still ahead, I had a lovely stroll around the block on what might have been the most beautiful fall day I’ve ever experienced in Seattle.

So, even though the Black n’ Gold fell 21-14 to the New York Giants at home, I didn’t feel so bad; after all, I still have my loving family to return home to in that vibrant October light, and quite frankly, who wouldn’t prefer to trade a loss by some sports team you’re rooting for in exchange for such abundant good fortune in areas of life where it really matters?

I blame Santonio Holmes for today’s defeat, but even more, my complaint is with the hypocrisy that has him suspended for today’s game while any player caught with bottles of booze in his car would be allowed to suit up.

And maybe it’s my fault, because at halftime, in honor of the Pittsburgh wide receiver, I took a saunter around the block at halftime and it did seem that in quarters three and four, Pittsburgh played with a certain lack of focus and intensity that could be attributed to certain indulgences, approved by the League or not.

It was fun, though, being among several dozen fans of my hometown team; when I walked into the bar right after kickoff, I had to smile at all the replica jerseys with names like “Roethslisberger,” “Ward,” and “Polamalu.” Granted, it’s fairly lame to pass up the opportunity to enjoy the best that the Pacific Northwest has to offer in terms of autumn weather just to watch sports on TV , but had the Steelers prevailed, I wouldn’t have any remorse whatsoever.


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