Friday, June 08, 2007

Summer Projects

As three months of relatively unstructured time looms before me, I can’t help but start filling up the days with things I’ve always wanted to do, feel I ought to do, and/or can’t yet find a way out of not doing.

If I were a more relaxed and self-possessed person, I think I’d be better able to go with the flow, taking each day as it comes, letting whatever happens, happen. Unfortunately, my reliance on large mugs of caffeine relatively early in the day makes that sort of easy-goingness out of the question; I’ve got to have a plan which—even if I don’t follow it—provides some sort of shape to my days.

Above all, I’ve got to make some serious progress on this book that Richard Leider and I are supposed to be delivering to our publisher in September. Its working title is Something to Live For and presumably, it will provide some sort of advice to people in the very question that I’m currently unable to answer in my own life: what do I now?

There’s a bunch of little home repair projects I should take on—fixing the upstairs bathroom shower head, replacing the outside windowsills, building a false wall in the basement for a little grow room—chances are, though, if it will be all I can do just to mow the lawn semi-weekly.

I’m supposed to be completing a correspondence course in the study of Pantajali’s yoga sutras; will I be satisfied if I simply finish the novel Sacred Games?

I really want to do some bicycle touring—at least a few overnighters if not a week-long adventure. Let’s see if I do anything more than ride to the store for beer and ice.

If I look around my house, I’m instantly confronted with dozens of projects I could undertake; today, though, is only the first day of many; I think I’ll go outside for a spin around the block instead.


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